Why Center of

"Economics and Law" is multisectoral and multifunctional centre which since 1996 has successfully been publishing the magazine for executives and specialists of organization management (accountants, lawyers, specialists of tax and  human resources, managers, etc.) and has been organizing trainings and skill development courses for professionals of different spheres (accountants, managers, HR specialists, programmers, office workers, etc.). 
"Economics and Law" Centre is licensed by Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education and Science. The centre  has been repeatedly received  a lot of prestigious international awards for its high quality activities. 
The hallmark of "Economics and Law” Centre is ongoing professional development of specialists in numerous and vital topics and questions that may arise in their work, providing all the necessary information via "Economics and Law” magazine, organizing topical seminars and individual consultations, and showing the most careful and respectful attitude towards our partners, trainees and readers of the magazine. 
Some figures speak for themselves. The subscribers of our magazine are 2.5 thousands of large, medium and small organizations of almost all spheres of activities (public administration, almost all ministries and departments, and the city halls of Yerevan and other cities, 80% of the organizations that are included in the list of thousands of big taxpayers, the representatives of international and foreign organizations, the associations of legal entities, foundations, community organizations and many others). 
The number of our readers is more than 10 thousand that includes people from all the regions and districts of RA, such as executives, accounting organizations, specialists in finance, legal, tax, HR, economic services, also executives and specialists of small businesses, private entrepreneurs, educators, young specialists and students. 
The number of monthly participants is about 500 people, where 400 people are specialists who develop their skills in the courses and seminars of ongoing professional development ( courses of "Licensed accountants training", "International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS)", "Conducting Accounting using automated accounting systems " and monthly seminars of "Tax laws and tax accounting. News and clarifications", "Labour legislation issues ", etc. and  about 100 people master mostly demanded specialties of accountants, HR Accountants, IT specialists, managers, clerks and others at the training courses. 
Consulting is another popular service of "Economics and Law" Centre. More than 3,000 specialists receive annual consultations on topical issues related to complex aspects of accounting, taxation, labor and economic legislations, business management, etc. by means of both  personal meetings with specialists, and the phone. 
The participants of our courses are also young specialists who have gained theoretical knowledge and feel the lack of practical skills, understanding of the intricacies and nuances of gained profession. Such knowledge is usually acquired during practice and surely it is the lack of this practical experience that often makes it difficult for the first graduates to find the first job. 
For young specialists it is often a stalemate. However, we help to solve this problem as well, through the practice and the program of "Promoting young professionals" which help graduates to find the desired job quickly and begin to climb the ladder of professional and career growth. 

Why more than 10 000 specialists read our magazine every month? 

The information of all significant changes in accounting, tax, labor and economic legislations, which gives detailed explanations of the most current and complex issues of accounting and taxation occurring in the work practice of executives, specialists of organizations, accountants, lawyers and HR specialists are published in "Economics and Law” magazine. It also gives methodological recommendations on the correct application of accounting and tax legislation in the most complex, intricate cases, when the familiarity of all the intricacies and nuances help to avoid tax and accounting pitfalls. 
Qualified specialists are particularly interested in articles with an interpretation of the authorities regarding not accurately stated or ambiguously defined provisions of normative acts of  Ministry of Finance, State Revenue Committee, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, State Labour Inspections, etc. 
The members of the editorial board are highest level specialists who combine deep active work in legislative, methodological, scientific and theoretical fields of teaching with practical work in the supreme bodies of government authorities in the real sectors of RA economy. 
The regular authors of the magazine are the leading specialist-developers of the legislation in the field of accounting and taxation, also labor, civil, economic and  legal legislations, as well as commercial law/ business law, with extensive practical experience in the lawmaking sphere and, at the same time, people who have a lot of experience in the real sectors of the economy. They are specialists who are thoroughly aware of all the problems and nuances of these issues and approaches in the interpretation of the legal requirements and the real situation of affairs  in the organizations of various spheres of activities of economics and law. 

Why the graduates of training courses at our Centre easily find work?

"Economics and Law" Centre offers you a wide  range of training programs in the sphere of accounting, taxation, management, marketing, labour legislation and HR management, information technologies, etc. 
If you need to gain a perspective and demanded profession and you are ready to start with the basics and to rise to the level of high professionalism, the courses offered by our Centre are the best choice for you.
The teaching methods developed by the best specialists of the Centre allow you in a short training period (3-6 months) to learn both theory and practical skills in your chosen profession. Our teachers are highly qualified  specialists with extensive experience of teaching both theoretical and practical work, and the students in their classes are not only just passive listeners, but also active participants in the learning  process where they sort real-world examples together with the teacher in search of the proper solutions. The considerable part of the training is entirely devoted to the practice that allows our students to be fully ready for real practical activities after graduation.
We try to make learning process as convenient as possible for our students and offer to attend our courses at any chosen (convenient for you) time from 10:00 to 20:30. We offer comfortable and bright auditorium equipped with modern office equipment and teaching materials. Several new groups in all specialties and at different times begin the classes every month. The classes are mainly held 3 times a week, which makes it possible not only to study and work, but also to have enough time to complete the assignments.
"Economics and Law" Centre is licensed by Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education and Science of  RA, therefore, the certificate issued by the Centre is recognized by the government, commercial, public, international and other organizations. 
But the contact with the graduates is not broken off even after the issuance of the certificates. "The program of assistance to graduates" helps with employment and  further career growth, and "The program of ongoing professional development of specialists " offers a wide range of seminars and special courses for further professional development.
The experience of our Centre combined with your hard work is the guarantee of your professionalism, being demanded in the labor market and career growth.

Why every year thousands of specialists choose skill development courses at "Economics and Law" Centre?

Ongoing professional development is a guarantee of permanent employment and career growth for any specialist. "Economics and Law" Centre has been working for  more than 14 years in the field of education providing  high-quality supplementary professional education. We offer more than 30 training programs in different directions. These are professional refreshing courses, skill developing courses, short-term seminars on current topics, corporate trainings and ongoing professional development of the specialists of organization management, etc.
The main advantages of our courses are:

  • being multisectoral and multifunctional, the Centre carries out the programs of ongoing professional development of the specialists of organization management in various fields. Applying to the Centre, a specialist is sure that he will find and choose exactly those programs of the professional development which he needs. Thus, he can continuously participate in a number of programs for many years and even throughout his career.
  • the highest level of quality of knowledge and skills which can be acquired by the participants in the programs of skill development of specialists
  • choice of convenient courses from long-term refreshing courses to 1-2 day intensive training programs 
  • efficiency with which are organized extraordinary and  highly relevant programs, courses and the seminars due to changes of legislative requirements and coming into effect of the new mechanisms regulating the sphere of financial and economic, tax, accounting, legal and HR activities of the organizations
  • each of the skill development programs (courses, seminars, trainings, etc.) is conducted by only high-level specialists, including methodologists, the developers of the legislation who also have wide experience in real sectors of the economy
  • the confidence of employers and specialists is that no more or less important news and no important question and direction will go beyond the scope of their attention, the most expeditious consideration and study, including the extraordinary seminars.

Due to all these factors, the level of knowledge and skills acquired by the regular participants of our programs is recognized and highly rated by organs of government and authoritative organizations which are world-renowned and work in auditing, consulting, financial and banking institutions o RA, and by many thousands of employers and executives.