Benefits and features of advertising in

The main advantages and features of advertising in "Economics and Law" magazine are:

  • a wide range of readers - about 10 thousand readers in all parts of RA and in large, medium and small organizations of almost all spheres
  • readership - executives, accountants, specialists of financial, legal, tax, human resources and economic services of the organizations, as well as teachers and students
  • a useful period of the validity of  advertisement placed in the magazine is months and years during which the  readers constantly use both methodical and advisory Handbooks published even in past years.
  • the diversity of forms of advertising. 

The advertisements of various forms, ranging from traditional colourless to high-quality multi-colour advertising, starting with the usual advertising information to advertising and PR articles, interviews, etc. can be chosen by advertisers and placed in the magazine.

Education: our main features

"Economics and Law" Centre offers you a wide  range of training programs in the sphere of accounting, taxation, management, marketing, labour legislation and HR management, information technology, etc. 
If you need to gain a perspective and demanded profession and you are ready to start with the basics and to rise to the level of high professionalism, the courses offered by our Centre are the best choice for you.
The teaching methods developed by the best specialists of the Centre allow you in a short training period (3-6 months) to learn both theory and practical skills in your chosen profession. Our teachers are highly qualified  specialists with extensive experience teaching of both theoretical and practical work, and the students in their classes are not only just passive listeners, but also active participants in the learning  process where they sort real-world examples together with the teacher in search of proper solutions. The considerable part of the training is entirely devoted to the practice that allows our students to be fully ready for real practical activities after graduation.
We try to make learning process as convenient as possible for our students and offer to attend our courses at any chosen (convenient for you) time from 10:00 to 20:30. We offer comfortable and bright auditoriums equipped with modern office equipment and teaching materials. Several new groups in all specialties and at different times begin the classes every month. The classes are mainly held 3 times a week, which makes it possible not only to study and work, but also to have enough time to complete the assignments.
"Economics and Law" Centre is licensed by Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education and Science of RA, therefore, the certificate issued by the Centre is recognized by the government, commercial, public, international and other organizations. 
But the contact with the graduates is not broken off even after the issuance of the certificates. "The program of assistance to graduates" helps with employment and  further career growth, and "The program of ongoing professional development of specialists " offers a wide range of seminars and special courses for further professional development.
The experience of our Centre combined with your hard work is the guarantee of your professionalism, being demanded in the labor market and career growth.