Management and Marketing

In today's economy it is difficult to overestimate the role of management specialists, especially managers and marketing specialists in the process of enhancing the efficiency of the organization. As a result, managerial skills, the use of modern management and marketing principles in practice, competent management of organizational processes, quality, human resources, finance, risk management, conflicts, and many others become more and more relevant.

The courses of skill development of managers and marketing specialists organized by "Economics and Law" Center are aimed to improve exactly these skills. Depending on the goals of the enterprise and the certain employee and taking into account the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills,  a specific program of skill development is selected. This is often not a fixed standard course but a flexible one that includes testing of specialists and identifying those their qualities and the level of knowledge and skills, that need further development and deepening, and on the basis of these the choice of relevant training courses. 

The programs are based on the rational combination of in-depth studying of management and marketing theories and mastering of practical methods and forms of organization of efficient management systems.