Preparation of professional specialists on speciality

The accountant-lawyer is a new specialty which is highly demanded in the labor market. Upon graduation the graduate can become a multi-skilled worker who carries out a complex of functions of both the accountant and the lawyer, as well as  the HR specialist in the organizations.
Graduates of this specialty have incomparably high demand by employers, particularly by medium and  small organizations.

The course participants acquire deep knowledge  in the sphere of both  accounting and tax legislation, as well as  labor and economic law. They master the performance of a wide range of duties laid on the accountant and the specialist/head of HR, as well as on the lawyer of the organization. The demand for such highly skilled professionals is very high.

The preparation course of the specified specialization is based on the best possible use of modern techniques and methods of teaching, on a combination of deep theoretical preparation  in all of the required fields, as well as on the skills development of independent work, performance of all key functions and basic operations which the specialist has to carry out in the organizations in the mentioned fields of activities.