Preparation courses of licensed accountants

As a part of the programs of ongoing professional development of  specialists, "Economics and Law" Centre trains highly qualified accountants for examinations to obtain qualification (certificate) of the licensed accountant.

Exam preparation is carried out on a full course of preparation according to the approved program by RA Ministry of Finance.  Within the program theoretical questions are studied in detail and tests and tasks are done thoroughly according to the questionnaire approved by RA Ministry of Finance.  Graduates, who have finished the courses offered by our Centre, are prepared to answer all questions on the topics under the program (accounting, tax legislation, economic legislation, financial analysis and audit), to pass the examination successfully and to get a qualification (certificate) of the licensed accountant. 

It is worth mentioning that by RA legislation it is required to have the certificate of the licensed accountant in certain fields of activities, special organizational-legal forms of the organizations etc. However, regardless of the law requirements, the existence of the qualification of the licensed accountant indicates a high level of the specialist and is highly appreciated by both specialists and employers.