Corporate courses for specialists of management and executives of organizations

Medium and large organizations are interested in such a service offered by "Economics and Law" Centre, as the organization of corporate courses and seminars of preparation and skill development specifically for executives and specialists of the organization.

Such courses and seminars are attractive and demanded not only because of being on specific topics essential for the specialists of the organization, but also  because of the fact that they are organized within the permanent system of ongoing professional development. Thus, the problems of training and skill development of staff are not solved instantly, such as  the most urgent issues, but solved as planned for a long period of time for an inclusive and multi-directional professional development - according to the specificity and need (differentiated by priority level) of the organization and its staff.

As a part of the corporate courses the Centre carries out programs on any necessary directions, topics and issues such as the systems of accounting and tax accounting, tax legislation, management accounting optimization, cost management, increase of profitability, financial and economic analysis, financial management, resource management, labor legislation, civil legislation, commercial law (business law) and many others, necessary for organizations.

Organizations can make a request to carry out preliminary testing of specialists in order to choose the best programs for their training and skill development.