Advertising in the magazine

Benefits and features of advertising in "Economics and Law" magazine

A wide range of readers - about 10 thousand readers in all regions of RA and in large, medium and small organizations of almost all spheres
Readership - executives, accountants, specialists of financial, legal, tax, human resources and economic services of the organizations, as well as teachers and students.

A useful period of the validity of  advertisement placed in the magazine is months and years during which the  readers constantly use both methodical and advisory Handbooks published even in past years.

The diversity of forms of advertising - the advertisements of various forms, ranging from traditional colourless to high-quality multi-colour advertising, starting with the usual advertising information to advertising and PR articles, interviews, etc. can be chosen by advertisers and placed in the magazine.

Application to place advertisements (advertising information), press releases, PR articles, etc. in  "Economics and Law" magazine