Preparation courses of professional accountants

The preparation courses of professional accountants are conducted with the most modern teaching methods. 

The educational process and its programs are organized in such a way that graduates get profound theoretical knowledge and, most importantly, practical skills to work as an accountant and  implement accounting and tax accounting independently.

Widely used systems of training, practice, and practical work allow the participants of preparation courses of professional accountants to fully master the skills in all aspects of accounting, operations and situations carried out by accountants of the organizations. The participants of the courses and trainings actively work with all necessary accounting documents, including primary accounting, books, forms, registers, etc. They learn to do all kinds of calculations independently. Moreover, they deeply acquire the skills of independently drawing up the accounting balance sheets, all kinds of financial and tax accounting records, reports and references which must be prepared by accountants and be provided to the authorized government bodies.

The participants of preparation courses of professional accountants master the methods of implementation of accounting and tax accounting using the automated computer accounting programs (automated accounting software)..

Deep theoretical preparation and active development of skills of keeping the books, the system of the maximum use in educational process of training and practice allow the participants of preparation courses of professional accountants after graduation to completely be ready to do various kinds of tasks in accountant independently and to work as the accountant in organizations of the most different fields of activities.

State diploma issued by the Centre and a high degree of public recognition of the quality of specialists' training in "Economics and Law" Centre guarantee a high degree of demand for specialists-graduates of "Economics and Law" Centre by the employers of business sphere and other spheres such as organs of government, international organizations, etc. In addition, the current system of certification and employment and career growth assistance to the graduates, carried out  by "Economics and Law" Centre, helps graduates to find jobs and ensure their ongoing professional development and career growth.