About us. 22 years of work


"Economics and Law" Centre  was established in 1996. It has the licenses of Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia .

It has been awarded at the prestigious international competitions for several times.

The centre began its activities with the  publication of the magazine for managers and the specialists of organization management: accountants, lawyers, auditors, tax specialists, financiers, managers, marketing specialists and others. " Էկոնոմիկա և Իրավունք" ("Economics and Law") magazine was registered in 1996 and since then has been  published in the Armenian Language.

The magazine efficiently highlights:

  • news in accounting, tax, labor and economic legislations
  • clarification and comments on the most complex and urgent issues of accounting, tax accounting, economic, civil and labour laws and effective systems for  organization management 
  • guidance on how to keep the books faultlessly and to avoid  tax and legal pitfalls.
In 1999 at "Economics and Law” Centre there was the second important area of activity, that is, the system of skill development and ongoing professional development of specialists: company directors, accountants, auditors, financiers, tax and human resources (HR) specialists, legal consultants, managers and marketing specialists. The complex of ongoing operating long-term and short-term courses, seminars and trainings includes areas  such as accounting, taxation, auditing, finance, labor, civil and economic legislations, the organization and improvement of HR activities, the optimization methods of company management, management and marketing. 

Within the system of skill development and ongoing professional development of specialists it should be mentioned monthly seminars and consultations on changes and clarifications in tax, accounting and labor laws that have been constantly operating since 2001.

During the seminars, the  participants have an opportunity to receive monthly (if necessary-weekly):

  • full information on all the changes taking place in tax, accounting and labor legislations
  • discussions and methodological explanations of complex and current issues and situations
  • answers to questions arising in specified areas
Also in 2001 came into effect the next important activity of "Economics and Law” Centre, that is, rendering individual consultations to the organizations and specialists in accounting, tax accounting, labor, civil and economic legislations, as well as in the improvement of company management systems, management and marketing.  

In 2003 "Economics and Law” Centre organized a separate activity on the training of highly qualified specialists:

  • professional accountants
  • managers and marketing specialists
  • clerks, administrative assistants,  office managers.

Within the program:                                                              

  • participants are given necessary theoretical knowledge, practical skills and the experience of conducting accounting and tax accounting independently, including the use of automated computer programs (software)
  • participants undergo working practice and gain first work experience
  • participants are granted with state approved certificate and assisted in finding a job.

Taking into account the specific features, the orientation and  the widespread use  of "Economics and Law” magazine the following direction came into force by the  managers and specialists of the organizations. 

  • assistance in the promotion of products of organizations by means of the development of systems of demand making and sales promotion using  advertising and PR companies, public relations, including  the basis of " Էկոնոմիկա և Իրավունք" magazine for managers and specialists. The placement of advertising, image and PR articles, and other information in "Economics and Law” magazine is particularly effective taking into account a  number of features such as:
  • The subscribers of the magazine are about two and a half thousand organizations, and about ten thousand people are its regular readers both in the capital and in all the regions of Armenia. The main readers are executives and specialists, and persons authorized to make economic, financial and management decisions.
  • As the magazine has specific features, each of its volume can have long -term usage, for  months and even for years after its publication.

The general director of "Economics and Law" Centre has been Arthur Hakhverdyan since its establishment in 1996.