About the magazine

"Economics and Law" magazine promptly gives the newly adopted normative acts of legislative, executive and judicial authorities of the Republic of Armenia (RA) necessary to the executives of organizations, accountants, lawyers, recruiters (HR specialists), financiers, auditors, other specialists of organization management to perfectly manage finance and economic, accounting, legal  and other activities as quickly as possible.

The above stated normative acts presented under the heading "New in the Economic Legislation", include both laws adopted by National Assembly of RA, and regulations accepted by The Government of Armenia, as well as instructions and other normative acts of authorized state bodies: Ministry of Finance of RA, State Revenue Committee of RA/ State Tax Service  and Customs Committee of RA /, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of RA, Ministry of Justice of RA, Central Bank of RA, other ministries and authorities. There are also presented decisions made by Constitutional Court of RA, concerning to financial-economic and legal activities of the organizations, their employees, individuals, as well as Arbitration Court of RA on  tax, labor, economic legislations, etc.

 Under the heading "Consultations for Accountants", "Consultations for Lawyers", "Consultations for HR Managers", etc. are presented the detailed clarifications and  comments on the most important problems which cause difficulties in the work of executives, specialists of organizations, accountants, lawyers, HR specialists, financiers, auditors, etc.
These problems are, as a rule, represented multilaterally, from the point of view of not one particular but all existing normative acts regulating them. 

Under the heading "Official Clarifications" are presented the clarifications of authorized state bodies regarding  not accurately stated or ambiguously defined provisions of normative acts which require clarifications of official authorities.
Under the heading "How to Avoid Accounting and Tax Pitfalls" are presented guidance on recommendations on the proper application of accounting and tax legislations in relation to the most difficult problems which, at first sight, seem simple but have a deep essence and a number of undercurrent issues with a whole range of nuances and  the requirement of special approach which in practice are not frequently overlooked and ignored by specialists.

There are presented specific methodical instructions, clarifications and consultations on the most complex and confusing situations arising in the practice of the Organizations in the areas of accounting, taxation, labor and civil legislations.

Under the heading "Opinions" it is highlighted complex problems which haven't been completely regulated by the legislation and could create problems to taxpayers and are given recommendations for the optimal solution.
The heading "Features of Accounting and Taxation in Various Fields of Activities" represents the whole range and all spectra of problems in a complex way, all main requirements of accounting, tax, labor, civil, economic legislations which the executives and specialists of organizations functioning in a particular field of activity need to know.

The editorial board of "Economics and Law" magazine.
Our authors.

The permanent editor-in-chief of "Economics and law" magazine since its establishment in 1996 has been  Arthur Hakhverdyan. The editorial board of "Economics and Law" magazine is consisted of 10 doctors of economic science and science of law, professors, academicians of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia. The members of the editorial board are the highest level experts actively working in legislative, methodological, scientific teaching, and theoretical spheres and at the same time profoundly and constantly engaging in practical work in the supreme bodies of the government of RA and in the real sectors of RA Economy. 
The regular authors of the magazine are leading expert - developers of the economic legislation in the sphere of accounting and tax accounting, labor, civil, economic legislations, commercial and entrepreneurial, business laws who have  extensive practical experience both in the field of lawmaking  and in the real sectors of economy. These are the specialists who are thoroughly aware of all problems and nuances of considered issues and approaches to the interpretation of legislative requirements and the real situation in the organizations of various fields of activities of economics and law.